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Alumni Membership

The membership of the association is open to various categories of people upon payment of the registration and annual subscription fees set by the Board and approved by members for the respective categories.

Special Membership
A group session at the alumni team bonding function

Consist of well-wishers/friends and development partners with an interest in the growth/development of KCA University

Associate / Affiliate Membership
Alumni team bonding session

Graduates of other universities or institutions who are employees of KCA University and have common interest in the association and have applied to be admitted to the association; Parents of past/present students, graduates from other universities with interest of identifying with KCA University and have applied to be admitted to the association.

Ordinary Membership
How to Become an AAKCAU Member

All graduates of KCA University, individuals who have trained for and completed professional courses with KCA University, and all graduates of other universities who have had their training/tuition and completed their programs at KCA University.

Honorary Membership
AAKCAU Kisumu Chapter

Comprise of invited individuals highly placed in society and distinguished for their work upon invitation by the Alumni Association Board and with whom the association wants to identify with to meet some of its objectives.

Student Alumni
Student Alumni

Comprises alumni of KCA University who have returned for further studies hence are members of both the AAKCAU and SAKU