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Benefits of being a member

Being a member of the AAKCU has its paybacks. Find out about all of the special benefits available to the KCAU family.

  • Campus resources – AAKCAU members can enjoy library access to all KCA University campuses.
  • Discounts – KCAU Alumni are entitled to a range of discounts, including on tuition.
  • Reunions and networking – AAKCAU will have the pleasure to reunite with old friends at get together events organized by the association
  • Stay connected to KCAU – We will keep each alumni updated on the latest innovations, achievements, and events on campus.
  • Attend alumni events – AAKCAU members get special pricing on select alumni events such as networking receptions.
  • Career development & lifelong learning – Whether you are a new graduate or an established alumni, AAKACU can be your lifelong resource for connections, skills building, resources and support.
  • Preferential product rates – The association will in the new future, negotiate on your behalf to bring you great rates, e.g. on insurance and travel. In addition, a portion of the proceeds supports incredible alumni and student initiatives at KCA University.
  • Alumni travel program – Alumni travel program is the perfect way to see the world: with fellow alumni.
    And more! View all member benefits, or see how AAKCAU supports KCA University.