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AAKCAU Annual General Meeting 2021

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The Alumni Association of KCAU held its 8th annual general meeting virtually on Saturday 15th May 2021, which was attended by over 120 alumni who are spread across the globe. The meeting was graced by the University Vice – Chancellor Prof. Isaiah Wakindiki. In his address to the members, the Vice Chancellor felt honored to get a chance join an event of the Alumni Association within his first 100 days of taking the office. He pointed out the significance of the Alumni Association to the university, commended leadership of the alumni association, both current, and past, for the growth in the association over the last two years, despite the challenges brought about because of the Covid – 19 Pandemic.

The Chairman of the AAKCAU appreciated members for their continued support which had enabled the alumni association to fulfill its mandate. He appreciated the retired board members for their tremendous contribution in service to the association.

There were to be elections in which nine (9) candidates had been cleared to vie for the seven vacant board positions but on the morning of the AGM, two candidates had dropped out of the race.  Membership unanimously agreed to elect all the seven to the board.